Q and A

You can ask counselors any questions directly and let them give you the most professional opinions. Make an appointment with the UKEAS counselor immediately now.

  • When can I hear from you after filling in the enquiry booking form?

    UKEAS will reply to you in 24 office hours to make an appointment with you.

  • What should I bring to UKEAS for the counselling?

    Ideally if you can bring your school transcript, IELTS score, study plan, reference letters and portfolio if applicable, we can accelerate the process of your application, but if you are not ready for the paper work, you can just come to our office for the initial counselling to prepare the application documents.

  • If my English is not good enough, can I still study in the UK?

    The academic course in the UK is highly intensive. An UG degree course usually takes three years to complete (except in Scotland) and a taught postgraduate course usually takes one year to complete and this doesn't mean students in the UK learn less than in other countries. They need to spend less time on the same amount of work so they have to work hard to successfully graduate.
    Universities and colleges in the UK know what level of English you will need to complete the course so that is why they need you to meet their English requirement. You should take an IELTS test. It is a test to exam student's English proficiency and to find out which part the student needs to improve and how long it takes to improve. If you don't meet the school's IELTS requirement, the school admission office will give you a conditional offer with short or long term language courses- the pre-sesssional course based on your IELTS scores. Many students receive conditional offers. These conditions are not set to make your life difficult but to assure you of an enjoyable UK study experience.

  • Do I need to pay for application?

    No. We are FREE service! But some universities require application fees (Nottingham Business programmes, Cranfield MBA…..). Please contact UKEAS offices for more details.

  • Is there deadline for master's programme application?

    Most programmes do not have deadlines. Only a few courses in some universities do (for example Royal College of Art, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, UCL, music courses and some art courses….). Please contact UKEAS offices for more details.

  • When should I take IELTS test?

    The sooner to meet the school's requirement the better!!

  • When should I apply?

    It is better to make application within one month after counselling with your UKEAS counselor. Just get all documents ready (IELTS score can be submitted later) and come to fill out application forms. Then you will have more time for your IELTS preparation.

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