UKEAS Malaysia proudly invites you to participate in our inaugural UKEAS EduFair on 9th March and 24th August 2019.

The theme for this event is EDUCATION IS GREAT, a perfect expression of our company ethos which believes that education is expansive, and our mission to provide the best services for students to achieve their educational objectives.

Why Participate in UKEAS Malaysia EduFair?

High-Impact Fair via Interactive Workshops

True to our company’s educational philosophy, we strive to be a place of inspirational learning beyond providing advisory services for students aspiring to study abroad. As a participating institution, you have the opportunity to sign up as one of our workshop organizers.

Our interactive workshop happening concurrently with the fair is the perfect avenue for you to showcase your faculty and academic strengths, as well as building rapport with potential students from East Malaysia. This setup is unlike any of its kind in similar education fairs in Sabah, which allows for greater impact and personal outreach in promoting your university as a premier education hub.

Value for Money

With UKEAS Malaysia EduFair, you have a chance to participate in two events for the price of one. Our participation fee is among the lowest in the market, where fairs are usually run at greater costs that do not tally with the success rate. Whether you sign up for one or two events in 2019, you still pay for the same amount as you would for just one event. Our aim is to run a well-priced but effective fair for all participating institutions, and we pride ourselves on the ease with which attending schools will be able to generate a strong return of investment at a low cost.

Brand Exposure and Extensive Outreach

Our multi-channel marketing campaigns ensure that we leave no stone unturned to reach out to our target audience in East Malaysia. As a participating institution, your school will be featured extensively on our social media platforms, exclusive write-ups, marketing collateral and individual school visits leading up to our EduFair. We will also engage in extensive post-event follow-ups on visiting students for a solid return in recruitment numbers.

Why Recruit in Malaysia?

Market Growth

Malaysia continuously ranks high as the top sending countries for higher education in the UK and Australia. There are over 30 UK universities with a regional office presence in Malaysia, and over 10 Australian universities with offices here. There is also a growing number of US institutions setting up recruitment points.



Academic Leaders

Academic achievement continues to be a top cultural driver for success, and overseas education is highly valued as an asset that is worth the investment. .

English Proficiency

English is a mandatory subject at all levels of education in Malaysia. Malaysian students face little dificulty meeting language requirements for universities and visa entry.


Exhibiting Partners

Our latest EduFair in March 2019 featured over 20 institutions from the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Our exhibitors represented a variety of programs including universities, colleges, language courses and pathways.

Past attendees have included City, University of London, Glion Institute of Higher Education, Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Ulster University, University of Bristol, University of Dundee, University of Kent, University of Liverpool, University of Southampton, and Royal Holloway, University of London.

UKEAS Malaysia - Quick Facts

The Malaysian chapter of UKEAS, based in Kota Kinabalu, began operating in 2017. Although we are fairly new to the local market, we are emerging as one of the top agencies in East Malaysia:

  • We have a growth rate of 200% in recruitment since commencing our services.
  • Attendees of our past events rate us 10 out of 10 in terms of service and execution.
  • The UKEAS brand has stood strong for 25 years, and recruits hundreds of students from all over the world annually. As one of its offices, we have access to numerous partnerships and marketing insights gathered over many years.

Pioneering Fair in Malaysia

As a global company, UKEAS has 25 years of experience organizing successful recruitment fairs in the Asian market. With top-notch venues, a professional support team, and smooth logistics, we are the platform of choice for reputable institutions in the US, UK, Australia and other regions looking to strengthen their student enrolment from Asia. Adopting the same proven model, we are excited to introduce UKEAS Malaysia EduFair for the first time this year.

UKEAS Malaysia EduFair is an event that is carefully planned by a team of dedicated professionals that works round the clock to ensure a flawless execution of our bi-annual exhibition. The holistic approach ensures our partner’s satisfaction while offering the golden opportunity to prospective students to explore study options. Our EduFair offers you a chance to participate in an event that showcases your school through an exhibition and interactive workshops unlike any of its kind in East Malaysia. We also provide an integrated approach to expose your brand through targeted marketing and engagement campaigns leading up to the event. We aim for this fair to be more than just an event – we want our EduFair to be the perfect platform to transform your brand.

We look forward to cooperating with you and fulfilling your ultimate goal of effectively increasing international student numbers on your campus.

Event details

UKEAS Malaysia EduFair 2019 August 24

Kota Kinabalu The Pacific Sutera Hotel August 24 Email for more detail

Here's what our students and partners say about our past events and services


A massive thank you for the superbly run fair and excellent KK experience. I have learnt a lot and enjoyed meeting you all!

Tom Root, International Recruiter
Ackworth School

It was an amazing fair! Thank you to everyone in UKEAS Malaysia's super team for making it happen - I'm really glad I got to join the first EduFair in Malaysia.

Cara Nguyen
EC Higher Education

Many thanks for a great trip to Malaysia and for all the organisation and hospitality you offered us. I had such a positive time and really enjoyed meeting the children who had appointments with me.

Edrys Barkham
Bryanston School

Everyone who attended the event said how much they enjoyed it and how well organized it was. Very well done to the team!

Ian Bushell, Director, Mentor International

Thank you so much for all the hospitality and help - it was a super event in KK and I was impressed with the office and how well everything was arranged.

James Postle
Millfield School


Amazing service. They were available to me day and night, on weekdays and weekends. The staffs are incredible and hardworking. They helped me sort everything out, from what I wanted to be to how to do my visa. Honestly, if you're a senior and you don't know what to do once school ends, this is the place to go for guidance.

Batrisyia Binti Norrizam

There are so many courses and higher education opportunities available from other countries that you might never heard of, so don’t worry if you’re unsure of your future career. Tell them what you enjoy doing or your goals in life and they will certainly help you to figure out the best fit for you. They are super friendly and helpful, and most importantly they will constantly check in on you to make sure everything is alright

Maybellyn Yap

Very helpful and friendly. They shortened the search by miles!

Reinhard Tio

I really liked UKEAS/USEAS Malaysia because before I had no idea of my future plans. I was recommended to visit this office, and ever since I visited them, I have been given so much information regarding schools, living expenses, snd overseas environment. The solid information I received expanded my mind to see many opportunities for me to study abroad, and made me felt as if i have already experienced it myself. The staffs are also so friendly and open, they will help you in anyway possible. I would very highly recommend this agency.

Nael Adam

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