Why Recruit in
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thinking is what drives industry, innovation, and the 21st century classroom experience. These students think, and see differently

Thought Leaders

Academic Leaders


Like many Asian countries, academic achievement is an immense source of pride. Here- it embodies the drive to make an impact.


Recruitment is all about adding cultural diversity and value for students, institutions, and global citizenry. Proficiency in language adds to this.

English Proficiency

A Growing Market

The demand for outbound education continues to grow as a growing class of young working professionals are realizing their global citizenry.

An Ideal Student Climate

  • The rapidly growing domestic economy has yielded substantial gains in employment and poverty reduction.
  • The Philippines’ growth outlook remains positive. The World Bank projects that real GDP will grow at a rate of 6.9 percent in 2017 and 2018
  • Leverage of potential of its very young and growing population and growing services sector to accelerate its economic transformation.

Developing Economy

Continuing to be East Asia's fastest growing economy- the country is starting to see the impact on a larger segment of society.

Grow with the Market

  • With focus on global citizenry and a growing concern for local issues, Filipino students are seeking to learn abroad and make an impact at home.
  • A rising class of young working professionals looking to advance their careers and country are seeking postgraduate courses abroad.
  • The rise of the BPO industry and digital transformation has ushered a rise in tech, business, and entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • With strong and positive partnerships with the British Council and several embassies, we are more engaged and exposed to growing the study abroad brand, which can be linked to better relationships with local and international schools.


Here are some of the basics of our 7,000+ students registrants for Study World Manila from October 2017 through our January 2018 fairs break down:

Over our last (4) Study World Manila Fairs, we've had 2,577 students attend our single-day/city event.
This 2019, we will be touring more cities in the Philippines to reach more students interested in studying abroad. We have selected these cities with guidance from the BC as they have noted that there is a growing interest in these regions based on their market research, and the number of students signing up for IELTS.

Event details
Study World Week

We host a number of other activities for our exhibitors while they are in country.

These activities change depending on the season, and are finalized usually after registrations are complete as we cater our activities to our exhibitors.

Here's what our attendess are saying about Study World...

Universities / Schools

The fair was well attended and we received very positive responses from the participants.
A very well organised event which attracted a good turnout.

Celia Her
Singapore Institute of Management

My exhibition experience was excellent.
I thought the organization and planning was particularly strong, and clearly the marketing generated a terrific volume of students. Furthermore, the interaction with senior UKEAS management proved that that they value the relationship with each institution.
I most certainly would participate in future fairs.

Jack Zissler
Cambridge Education Group

The busiest student fair I have attended in over 10 years of working in the international education industry!

Lucy Cattermole
KIngs Education

A professionally produced student fair with a very personal touch, the UKEAS Study World Philippines exhibition exceeded my expectations and turned the key, opening a new market for our institution.
The excellent volume and quality of these in attendance demonstrates Filipino students' growing awareness and demand for study abroad opportunities in the UK.

Nick Miller
Cambridge Tutors College

The event and the preparatory materials were of the usual UKEAS high standard - no surprises there. What makes the event useful for me is the knowledge of the UKEAS staff who are able to advise the attendees on suitable options for them, and direct them appropriately, which saves lots of time for us and means that we are not wasting time talking to students who are not suitable.

There was also a good range of institutions present which meant that we could often advise students to talk to universities so tat they could see where our courses might lead them. It worked the other way as well - students came to see us after approaching universities and realizing that they need Foundation or A level first

James Burnett


Helping a Filipino like me achieve my dream of studying a postgraduate degree abroad is one of my favorites with regard to ‘Study World’. Now that I am almost finished with my postgraduate studies, I would like to continue all throughout my PhD and beyond. ‘Study World’ has helped me believe that everything is indeed possible.

Ana Cecilia Bautista
postgraduate, University of Aberdeen

I love the fact that Study World is creating a way for Filipinos to connect with top schools abroad. In a way, it gives a feeling of hope that, "Hey I might get to study in this school. I might be able to pursue my dream. I can do this." And that’s a really great feeling. The fact that you get connected and learn more about opportunities out there and there is a way to achieve it

Kat Obrero
undergraduate, De La Salle University

The room where Study World was held was quite crowded, and that was what surprised and inspired me the most. To realize that so many other people want to obtain further education abroad, and to know that attending Study World was the first step most of us there were taking towards that dream, gave me assurance that this was something really worth pursuing.

Alex Bichara
postgraduate, Bath Spa University

I love the speaking with the alumni part since it really helped me with knowing more about the universities. They shared their experiences and also gave advices which really helped me with deciding on what course to take or what country to choose. I also gained a new friend who I know I can rely to if ever I would need help or advice.

Jan Ballon
undergraduate, De La Salle University

I think it’s great to have an avenue that can act as an appropriate starting point for Filipinos who have aspirations of studying abroad. Many Filipinos either aren’t aware of the opportunities available to them or don’t know what to do in order to avail of said opportunities. This is Study World fits in as a bridge between the two, allowing Filipinos to be more informed in order to help them come up with a plan of action that would fit them.

Mario Pallingayan
undergraduate, De La Salle University

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