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Known as the Republic of China, Taiwan is a democratic island nation with a population of around 23.5 million people, and is one of the most mature and reliable markets in East Asia.

  • A total of 63,270 students studying overseas in 2017.
  • The 7th leading origin of international students in the U.S.
  • There are a total of 25,000 enrolled students in North America in 2017

Breakdown of students studying in the US in 2018:

  • 31% undergraduate programs
  • 45.7% graduate programs.
  • 23.3% other programs

With a GDP (PPP) per capita of US$49,830, Taiwan represents a mature Asian economy akin to Japan and South Korea. (Source: IMF, 2017). This suggests that student funding sources are stable, and overseas study is a well-established rite of passage for middle class families.

The leading event in Taiwan

26 years in TW

UKEAS/USEAS has 26 years of experience organizing successful recruitment fairs in the Taiwanese market. With top-notch venues, a professional support team, and smooth logistics, we are the platform of choice for reputable institutions in the US, UK and other regions looking to strengthen their enrollment from Taiwan.

Official sponsors

Study World helps overseas school exhibitors establish a marketing and branding strategy and provides impartial education information for local students. In 2017 the exhibition was sponsored by both AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) and American State Offices Association.

Below are three video clips from US state representatives in Taiwan. Let’s see what they expect from 2017 Study World and their thoughts towards the overseas education market in Taiwan.

Difference between Study World and the others…


Extraordinary value for money.

We pride ourselves on the ease with which our partner institutions are able to generate a strong return on their investment in attending.


Highly-priced, often with smaller, fewer venues, and lower turnouts.

Over the past four years, the number of institutions who have taken part in multiple Study Worlds has grown quickly by 80%, as they realize the tangible benefits of attending a well-run, low-cost, high-impact exhibition.


Our most recent 2019 Study World event saw just over 6,000 registrations, and close to 4,000 student attendees, with a high degree of prestige and strong demand from institutions who want to attend continuously. Study World remains the best-value overseas education fair in Taiwan.

62% of attendees surveyed have a budget of over US$33,000 for overseas study.

Over 32% of attendees intended to depart overseas within 1 year, more than 60% departing within 2 years of the Study World Fair.

The list of subject areas in which our student attendees show interest is broad, ranging from international business to humanities, and fashion design to engineering, making Study World the recruitment forum of choice for a wide array of institutions.


-- More than US$ 35K invested in marketing campaigns each event.
As Study World organizers we put a great deal of resources into ensuring that the students attending our exhibitions are the ones our institutions want most.

Great Followers

With a Facebook fan base that totals nearly 50,000 Taiwanese students, becoming part of Study World ensures that your institution’s appeal and renown in Taiwan grows strongly.

Collateral & Workshop

Study World's professionally-produced magazine is handed out to all visiting students and through other distribution channels. It contains a profile of every institution attending the exhibition. We also offer the opportunity to host pre- or post-exhibition seminars and optional access to our other marketing channels.

Extensive Outreach

Study World marketing leverages a strong campus presence at Taiwan’s best universities and high schools to attract focused, driven students. Our multi-channel marketing campaigns ensure that we leave no stone unturned in keeping the flow of both new and returning students to Study World fresh. In October 2017, 92% of students said they would attend another Study World exhibition.

Event details
Study World Week

Study World visits Taiwan's five major cities: Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Hsinchu – more than any other overseas study exhibition. This gives your institution unrivaled access to student audiences that no one else can reach.

Excellent services

  • Student Leads App – As a Study World participant, you will have access to our app to easily scan and compile prospective student information. We understand that when it comes to student recruitment conversion counts, our app is built with this in mind.
  • Stand Assistant/Translator – Study World assigns a well- trained interpreter to every institution, breaking down any language barriers that might exist and allowing you to forge those all-important connections with your recruitment prospects.
  • Discounted Hotels – Attending Study World means gaining access to discounted hotel rates that are available before, during, and after our events, giving you greater flexibility to get more from your Taiwan trip.
  • Domestic Shipping – We provide a designated professional warehouse to gather your exhibition materials, and before the start of the event your freight will have been distributed to each of your booths in the five venues.

Exhibiting Partners

Many exhibitors at Study World have subsequently chosen to make it a core component of their East Asian marketing and recruitment calendars.

Our latest 2019 event featured nearly 90 institutions from the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Our exhibitors represented a variety of programs including universities, colleges, language courses and pathways.

Attendees in 2019 have included California State Universities, King's College London, New York University, San Francisco State University, Saint Louis University, Seattle Central College, The State University of New York, University College Dublin, University of Bath, University of Manchester, University of Pennsylvania, University of St Andrews, and many others.

In their words

Please find the videos below. Let’s see what some of our exhibitors have to say about Study World:

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