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Situated in the heart of South East Asia, Vietnam is a developing country that has seen sweeping market reforms in recent decades. The success of these market reforms, adopted in the 1980’s has been remarkable. In the past 30 years, Vietnam, a country of 93 million people has transformed from a country recovering from decades of war, to a newly industrialized “tiger cub” with one of the most dynamic economies in the world. Between 1990 and 2016, Vietnam’s GDP grew by over 3000%, the second-fastest growth rate worldwide, second only to China.

Naturally, these market reforms have led to a drastic increase in outbound student mobility as a wealthy middle class was established with more disposable income, intent on investing in education – a reflection of Vietnam’s Confucian influence. Vietnam is currently one of the most dynamic outbound student markets worldwide, and between 1999 and 2016, the number of outbound Vietnamese degree students increased 680 percent, from 8,169 to 63,703 students. Furthermore, it is projected that by 2024, Vietnam will send 200,000 student overseas annually, compared with current figures of around 70,000. (UNESCO Institute For Statistics).


Where Are Vietnamese Students Going?

Over the next decade, growth rates of Vietnamese outbound mobility flows will continue to be positive and strong in some cases, including to Canada (+7%), the United Kingdom (+6.6%) and Australia (+5.7%). The U.S.A., too will continue to be a popular study destination for Vietnamese students owing to its historical connections and large Vietnamese diaspora. Given Vietnam’s economic growth projections, student mobility is expected to increase in the coming years, especially as the country seeks to internationalize its economy and education system.

Vietnam Market Overview

Average growth rate (GDP Per Capita) in 2018 – 5.4%
Number of HE institutions in Vietnam – 419 universities and colleges, with 185 other university-level institutions Number of Vietnamese students currently enrolled in HEIs– 2,120,000

The Golden Demographic

Vietnam’s rapid economic development is underpinned by a steady population growth of around 1% annually. In demographic terms, Vietnam is currently in a “Golden Age” featuring a young population eager to study overseas. Unlike other regional countries, Vietnam is not expected to be overly affected by an aging population for another two decades.

The leading event in Vietnam

20 years in Vietnam

ISC-UKEAS has 20 years of experience organizing successful recruitment fairs in the Vietnamese market. With top-notch venues, a professional support team, and smooth logistics, we are the platform of choice for reputable institutions in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and other regions looking to strengthen their enrollment from Vietnam.

Biggest exhibition organizer in Vietnam

Our fairs help overseas school exhibitors establish a marketing and branding strategy and provides impartial education information for local students.

Difference between Study World and other exhibitions


Extraordinary value for money. 

We pride ourselves on the ease with which our partner institutions are able to generate a strong return on their investment in attending.


Highly-priced, often with smaller, fewer venues, and lower turnouts.

Over the past four years, the number of institutions who have taken part in our fairs has grown quickly by 80%, as they realize the tangible benefits of attending a well-run and high-impact exhibition.


Every year we run a number of successful recruitment events with over 3000 students registering their interest and more than 1000 attending on the day.

70% of attendees surveyed have a budget of over US$50,000 for overseas study

Over 30% of attendees intended to depart overseas within 1 year, more than 60% departing within 3 years of ISC-UKEAS fairs.

The list of subject areas in which our student attendees show interest is broad, ranging from international business to humanities, and fashion design to engineering, making Study World the recruitment forum of choice for a wide array of institutions.


-- More than US$ 45K invested in marketing campaigns each event.
As Study World organizers we put a great deal of resources into ensuring that the students attending our exhibitions are the ones our institutions want most.

Great Followers

With a Facebook fan base that totals nearly 60,000 Vietnamese students, becoming part of Study World ensures that your institution’s appeal and renown in Vietnam grows strongly.

Collateral & Workshop

Professionally-produced magazine is handed out to all visiting students and through other distribution channels. It contains a profile of every institution attending the exhibition. We also offer the opportunity to host pre- or post-exhibition seminars and optional access to our other marketing channels.

Extensive Outreach

Study World marketing leverages a strong campus presence at Vietnam’s best universities and high schools to attract focused, driven students. Our multi-channel marketing campaigns ensure that we leave no stone unturned in keeping the flow of both new and returning students to Study World fresh. Over 90% of students said they would attend our exhibition again.

Event details
Study World Weekend

Study World visits Vietnam’s two biggest cities: Hanoi (the capital), and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam's economic hub). This gives your institution unrivaled access to student audiences that no one else can reach, with our registered students coming from all over north and south Vietnam.

Study World 2019 September 14 - September 15

Hanoi Melia Hotel September 14 Email for more detail
Ho Chi Minh City Rex Hotel September 15 Email for more detail

Excellent services

  • Stand Assistant/Translator – Study World assigns a well- trained interpreter to every institution, breaking down any language barriers that might exist and allowing you to forge those all-important connections with your recruitment prospects.
  • Shipping Advice – We can offer recommendations for shipping brochures and other materials from all over the globe to Vietnam at affordable rates. Furthermore, before the start of the event, your freight will be distributed directly to your booth.
  • Student Leads App – As a Study World participant, you will have access to our app to easily scan and compile prospective student information. We understand that when it comes to student recruitment conversion counts, our app is built with this in mind.

Exhibiting Partners

Many exhibitors at our previous exhibitions have subsequently chosen to make it a core component of their marketing and recruitment calendars.

Our latest event featured over 50 institutions with our exhibitors represented by a variety of programmes including universities, colleges, language courses and pathway providers.


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