UKEAS Service

UKEAS is determined to offer a fully comprehensive service to our students regardless of what level of study they are looking to embark upon. For many years, UKEAS counselors have successfully helped students to enter universities, top high schools and language schools in the UK. As a result, UKEAS is one of the most experienced UK educational advisory organizations in the world. Our services start from the initial counselling and last all the way through to ensuring that your time in the UK is a happy and successful one.

Free Counselling Service

UKEAS was the first agent to provide a free counselling service in Taiwan and that meant that our reputation relied on providing excellent counselling advice. your counselor will talk to you and gain a full understanding of your needs and motivations for study as well as your ultimate goals. With this information they will then make a recommendation as to the best pathway for you to achieve your study goals. UKEAS has built up a very strong relationship at all levels of institutions in the UK and will work alongside you to choose the one that is best for you. Do not worry that you will be forced into choosing a particular school. UKEAS believes strongly we are there to help the student make decisions that are right for them but that ultimately the choice is yours.

Free Application Service

UKEAS is committed to providing all our application services, from the document preparation to application, without any service charge.
UKEAS services include reviewing your study plan, resume and PhD research plans, advice on reference letters as well as your portfolio, and guidance on filling in the application forms and conducting a final check on all the documents.

Online Application and Portal

Even before universities offered online application facilities, UKEAS had negotiated with universities to allow students, who applied through UKEAS, to send in their applications and all supporting documents online. Now we have made it even easier. Simply complete one form on our UKEAS website and give us your supporting documents and we will complete all your applications for you. You will be kept up to date of all acknowledgements from the university and after you have applied, you can track your application status online on the UKEAS website 24 hours a day. As an extra measure of security UKEAS have built into our system a process which allows the universities to download any documents which still get misplaced inside the university administration from our server. Quick, easy and less stress for you. We take care of everything whilst you retain control.


UKEAS provides information about IELTS preparation and in many of our centres we also offer courses with small classes and experienced teachers in our IELTS schools. Where we do not have IELTS schools, IELTS libraries are available for the use of our students.

Pre-Departure Briefing (PDB)

When you are ready to go overseas, you can take advantage of our thorough pre-departure briefing and preparation course to help you to adapt and enjoy the life in the UK. We will give you a PDB booklet full of important and useful information, ISIC cards as well as many other useful items. Small travel items such as adaptors and SIM cards for the UK can be bought at cost price.

Meeting with Institution Representatives

UKEAS arranges hundreds of university and language school visits every year. We also have many application seminars and arrange small education fairs where you can meet with the representatives face to face and ask about any aspect of your overseas study plans. We will keep you informed of all these visits & events via our website and through direct mail and email to you.

Accommodation arrangement

No matter whether you go to a university, high school, language school or FE College, UKEAS will do our best to help you find suitable accommodation in the UK and can introduce both institution and private accommodation. In fact, UKEAS cooperate with UNITE, the largest private student accommodation provider in the UK, to provide high quality accommodation for international students.

On-line registration

If you can't get to one of our UKEAS offices, don't worry! Simply contact us and once we have registered you as a UKEAS member, we can then help you and deal with your case using the internet. This allows you to take full advantage of all our UKEAS services.

A full range of supporting services

Our services don't stop after you get to the UK. UKEAS offers continuous support through our UK office which is managed by Ms. Su Hayter. If you run into any problems, they can give you instant help.

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