Studying English in the UK at a Language School

The UK is the home of the English language and studying there is a dream for many students. There are language schools in the UK which cater for students of all levels. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner? Whatever your level of English there are classes to suit you. Are you studying for fun, to pass a test or to advance your career? Do you want to study in an exciting urban environment or a quiet rural environment? Whatever your needs and goals there will be many UK language schools which are suitable for you.

Language schools in the UK come under the supervision of several teaching quality control groups. Schools are subject to regular inspections and their services are evaluated according to strict standards. The best known of these quality control groups is the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme which is run by the Association of Recognized English Language Services (ARELS) and the British Association of State English Language Teaching (BASELT). UKEAS counselors only recommend language schools which are qualified schools so you can rest assured that the schools we introduce to you are top quality. Your professional counselor will then assist you in choosing a school which best meets your needs.

Students choose to study English in the UK for a variety of different reasons. Here is a list of some of the main reasons:

  • Qualified language schools

    Qualified language schools. All schools recommended by UKEAS have been accredited by the British Council and English in the UK (formally ARELS & BASELT). This ensures that students can enjoy teaching of the highest quality.

  • Schools with fewer students of the same nationalities

    Schools with a balanced mix of nationalities. Your UKEAS counselor will assist you in choosing a school with a good mix of nationalities.

  • Top teaching methods and a wide range of teaching materials

    A wide range of teaching materials and excellent teaching methods. English language teaching in the UK has achieved an enviable reputation thanks to its long tradition of excellence.

  • Convenient transportation

    Travelling in the UK is easy and convenient. From the UK you can travel to many countries in Europe. Experience a wide variety of different cities and cultures!

  • British Culture

    British Culture. Britain has a long history and rich culture. Students can visit hundreds of art galleries and museums.

  • Music

    The UK has produced some of the most famous popular music artists in the world. Every town and city has venues for live music, and each year young people flock to open air music festivals in Glastonbury and Reading. There are also many venues which host concerts in classical, folk, and jazz music.

  • Theatre

    The tradition of performing arts in Britain is world famous. Just think of Phantom of the Opera and Cats! London is the home of theatre culture and there are many theatres where you can enjoy a musical or play. The Edinburgh Festival is also a great place to see more experimental performance, dance and comedy shows.

  • Visit Europe

    Travel to Europe is so easy and surprisingly cheap. Within a few hours travel time you could be walking along the banks of the Seine in Paris, visiting a fashion show in Milan or learning to ski in Switzerland.

  • UK is a safe country

    The UK has been welcoming students from abroad for many years. Crime is at low levels and the police force is among the best in the world. This makes Britain a pleasant country to study in and local people like to help out overseas students who are in need.

  • The best place to study – for you!

    Language schools are everywhere in the UK. In capital cities, in tourist centres, in historic cities and in quiet country towns. Each language school offers something unique and all of them offer a good study environment. With the help of your UKEAS counselor, you can find the best language school and course to suit you.

If you still have some questions then be sure to contact us. UKEAS counselors are on hand to give you the most professional advice, and remember our service is completely free!

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