MBA’s and Employability in Turbulent Environments

How an MBA degree with most up to date content reflecting current business challenges and practical learning opportunities can increase your employability in turbulent environments upon graduation.


Garry Carr - MBA Course Director. Garry has worked at Leeds Beckett University for 17 years as a Senior Lecturer and now as a Course Director. He teaches Strategic Management across a number Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes. Garry has been involved in the development of a number of international partnerships and has delivered strategy workshops to various HE institutions. His principal research interests are Artificial Intelligence, Strategic Management, the way it is reshaping organisations. Garry also is particularly interested in the employability effect of PG study therefore it is shaping to be an excellent webinar where you will also have a chance to ask questions and share your insights.

APR. 16
FRIDAY 17:50-19:05
Speaker: Garry Carr
Subject area: Business
2021-04-16 Fri. 17:50-19:05
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