Big Data, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence


The headlines in the technical sections of the media are typically:

· The world is drowning in Big Data – our data

· Cyber criminals have stolen my personal data - there are now several of ‘me’

· My kitchen appliances are talking to each other!!

Each topic is big news in itself but increasing convergence of all three makes it more difficult to discuss them in isolation - and the weakest links are often the human elements. The doomsday scenario is that technology is taking over; humankind is heading for oblivion; The Matrix is here!!

The explosion of mobile, personal computing is a very recent phenomena and society is struggling to keep up. BUT, there are incredible benefits if we all take a deep breath and think before we click.

The computer science behind the topics is incredibly fascinating and now embedded in the technologies and services we use every day – the same technologies used by increasingly tech savvy criminals, who can be thousands of miles away.

It is the next generation, currently at school or college, who have always been surrounded by gadgets that can harness that power and drive computing to the next level.


Dr Gordon Marshall – Associate Dean (International), School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies. Recently appointed as Associate Dean (International) in the School of Computing at Teesside University.

His first degree is Applied Mathematics from Dundee University which led on to PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics at Teesside University, working with a global company designing and installing power stations. An avid learner by taking up MBA part-time which helped him develop a strategic view of higher education.

His current teaching covers modules in: Mathematics; Information Security & Cybercrime; Computer and Mobile Technologies; Network Architecture.

APR. 15
THURSDAY 17:50-19:05
Speaker: Big Data, Technology, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Computer,
Subject area: All
2021-04-15 Thu. 17:50-19:05
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