Public Service & Governance in a Changing Environment

This session will focus on the tools managers and leaders need to tackle planned and unplanned changes (this will include discussions of Covid responses) with public services generally. This means having a broad situational awareness that includes the role of international and domestic influences (socially, economically and politically), the role of data in planning and delivering services, and constraints on resources that you need to lead and manage effectively.


Dr Elizabeth Cookingham Bailey has extensive experience working in policymaking (including work in the US Senate for Joe Biden), the voluntary sector (in the arts and education sectors in New York City and London) and in academia (in the Departments of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and the University of Birmingham).

APR. 10
SATURDAY 17:40-18:55
Speaker: Dr Elizabeth Cookingham Bailey
Subject area: Social Science
2021-04-10 Sat. 17:40-18:55
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