Graduate and Work in the UK


This session will explore the Post-study Work visa that UK has introduced in 2019 and will be implement in the summer of 2021. We will also talk about how students could utilise UK universities’ student services and resources, to find work opportunities and placements to stay ahead in their job prospects after their graduate in the UK.


Mr Jared Tung is the Deputy Recruitment and Development Manager in the South East Asia regional office from University of Essex. He has joined University of Essex since 2019 and his responsibilities includes student recruitment across SEA region, as well as develop, implement and monitor a strategic plan for the development of University of Essex's engagement across Southeast Asia.



APR. 15
THURSDAY 16:30-17:45
Speaker: Jared Tung
Subject area: All
2021-04-15 Thu. 16:30-17:45
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