Engineering, Environment & Emerging Technologies.


Trinity College Dublin is embarking on an ambitious project to expand education and research activities across three of its Schools: the Schools of Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Computer Science & Statistics. Recognising the importance for humanity in addressing the challenge of sustainable technological development, the expansion of the three Schools is being executed as a single strategic activity in the area of “Engineering, Environment, and Emerging Technologies”, or E3.

E3: Engineering, Environment and Emerging Technologies aims to develop the knowledge, technologies and aptitudes to design and actively shape the planet's natural capital, through its unique integration of engineering, natural and computer sciences.

With E3, Trinity promotes the Vision of a society where the interdependence between technological innovation and our natural capital is advanced by world-leading research, education and entrepreneurship.

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Melanie is a Student Recruitment & Admissions Officer for the E3 Initiative at Trinity College Dublin.  Her role primarily is to provide key information and assistance to E3 applicants along their application journey and to provide support in student recruitment and university partnership activities within the E3 remit. 

Melanie has 13 years of experience in the International education arena, both in the Public and Private sectors.  As a former international student herself, Melanie understands the needs and challenges faced by incoming international students while trying to adapt and balance a new life overseas.  

Through her previous roles, Melanie directly involved in the development of joint programmes with partner institutions in Asia which sees many overseas students transferring to Ireland annually.  

Melanie holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism & Media Communications and a postgraduate qualification in International Business.

APR. 10
SATURDAY 16:20-17:35
Speaker: Melanie Mai
Subject area: Engineering and Science
2021-04-10 Sat. 16:20-17:35
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