The Role of Biomedical Sciences In The Current Pandemic

Biomedical Science – The Cinderella Profession

In this presentation we will look some history and the importance of Biomedical Science to modern medicine.


Speaker: Mr. Derek Stobo, Prinicipal Lecturer

Department of Health and Applied Sciences Northumbria University Newcastle

Mr Derek Stobo is a UK State Registered Biomedical Scientist in the area of Transplantations and had 10 years of National Health Service experience and 13 years of experience at Northumbria University in the areas of Biomedical Science Teaching and acting for the last 5 years to promote and develop Biomedical Science opportunities around the Globe. Derek is deeply interested in Biomedical Scientist training and acts as a registration assessor for Biomedical Scientists through the Institute of Biomedical Science in the UK. Derek has links to many UK and international Institutions as well as professional and regulatory bodies such as the institute of Biomedical Science and the Heath and Care professions Council. Derek’s current research interests and in the discovery and development of novel enzymes for use in industrial applications.

APR. 17
SATURDAY 15:00-16:15
Speaker: Mr. Derek Stobo
Subject area: Social Science
2021-04-17 Sat. 15:00-16:15
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