• Queen Ethelburgas

    Established: 1912

School Introduction

In the nine decades since its foundation in 1912, Queen Ethelburga癒礎s has become one of Britain癒礎s best known and finest centres of education, with an enviable reputation nationally and internationally for care, friendliness and excellence.

The capital spending programme finances a campus which provides facilities of the highest quality. Investments totalling some 瞽G45 million in only the last few years help the schoolto give pupils the advantages that can lead to outstanding success, from Pentium computers to the comfort of knowing that there is a telephone and voice mail facility in every bedroom in all the living accommodation on the campus.Each year the school continues to extend their resources, which increasing numbers of parents recognise as giving an unrivalled opportunity to their children.
Maintaining traditions - Throughout the school癒礎s history, Queen Ethelburga癒礎s has maintained a record of achievement and pride based, in part, on the House system. This has been the case since the foundation in 1912. The four original houses 癒V Cantwara, Derwent, Eoforwic and Lyminge 癒V give pupils a sense of continuity and tradition. The Old Ethelburgian癒礎s Association is very strong and active. Reunions of former pupils are organised at the Collegiate, in London, elsewhere in the United Kingdom and overseas. O.E.s have their own office within Queen Ethelburgas.

Courses Offered:

Seconary school,2 yr GCSE,1 yr GCSE,Pre-GCSE,A Level,Pre-A level,IB

  • Nearest Airport: Manchester
  • Nearest Station: Hammerton
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