Application Procedure and UKEAS services

Every student has their own unique needs and we at UKEAS realise that. our counselors will give you individual counselling tailor made to your situation and requirements. We have nearly 20 years of experience of making thousands of students study dream become a reality. From that wealth of experience we have developed a range of unparalleled services designed to bring you peace of mind and success in applying abroad. For a full listing of our services, please also click here.

  • Free counselling Service

    After establishing your needs and goals from your UK study our counselors will explain in detail every step of the application process and guide you all the way. There great professionalism and experience will ensure you avoid potential pitfalls and send the very best possible application to your chosen school

  • University Search

    Our aim is to ensure that your study destination meets your requirements and we will help you make the decision about which university you apply. At UKEAS you can apply to any university in the UK and we have a detailed understanding of the strengths and suitability of each one.

  • Documents Preparation

    • your counselor will go through everything you need to prepare for your application. They will also provide samples for resumes and study plans.
    • Our document preparation seminars are extremely popular and are a great way to gain tips on how to write a great study plan
  • Free Application Service

    All applications will be sent online for free. Where due to the need for a portfolio for instance an application needs to be posted then the postage will need to be paid for. However it is now increasingly rare that applications need to be posted. Once the application has been sent you can follow the progress of your application online though our online application tracking service.

  • Evidence of English (eg IELTS ) & Pre-sessional English

    • As part of the entry requirements for international students they must prove their English ability with a recognized English language qualification like IELTS. For most courses you do not need to provide your English qualification when you apply as the school can give a conditional offer with the condition a specified level of English expressed in IELTS.
      • Once your application has been sent then you assuming you haven’t already met the English requirement then all your attention should be focused on IELTS preparation
      • If the score you achieve is below the university entry requirement then it maybe that you can attend a presessional course in the UK. So it is important to keep in close contact with your counselor who can advise what options are available to you.
  • Interviews with University Representatives/ Scholarship Opportunities

    • So that our students gain access to as much information as possible and can speak to university representatives direct, UKEAS arranges hundreds of visits and regular exhibitions every year.
    • Committed to giving back to our students we have a number of UKEAS scholarships in cooperation with UK universities. We also have an outstanding record in assisting students in finding and successfully applying to scholarships
  • Accommodation Arrangement

    Once you have received your offer and accepted it then your UKEAS counselor will help you to apply for accommodation. The counselor will provide a thorough analysis of the accommodation options so that you can choose the most suitable place to live.

  • Pre-departure Briefing and preparation

    So that you don’t suffer from culture shock and can adapt tp the new environment in the UK we provide a Pre-Departure Briefing for every student we help study abroad. This briefing will provide practical information about many of the situations you will face when you first arrive. The PDB is also a great chance to ask any questions you may have and meet other students going to the UK too.

  • A full range of supporting services

    Our service is unrivalled and we recognize that you may have problems once you arrive in the UK and therefore we have a UKEAS branch in the UK where you can go to gain in country assistance should you need it. For a more comprehensive list of our services please click here.

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